Next to my linoprints and foilprints I enjoy drawing with marker on paper. I do this often while I watch movies or tv shows on the couch. Mostly I love the contrast the acryl maker create on black paper. At the moment I dig the metallic marker set from POSCA.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Last year I decided to give my linoprinting a stronger focus and more dedication. I carved new designs, tested new oil based inks and different kind of handmade papers, transfer methods and 2 different small hand presses. Even though I have been doing linocuts for years, there was a lot I did not know. I also spent lots of time on my instagram account following many print artist to gather more workflow tips.

Happy I was able to finish my dragonfly drawing eventually. Drawing on paper remains special to me and can´t be replaced. I also started drawing more on my iPad but it is simply not the same. I also added a short process video in the end.

Back to painting! Oh and happy holidays! Anyway, as I wrote in my last entry I am updating this blog only sporadically. To keep up to date with my newest projects, please follow me on my instagram. But here my latest painting project (from 2 days ago). A tea light holder for my grandma. As usual I used acrylics. The making of video is further down. :)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Finally uploaded all the pics from the skateboard group exhibition which took place in May in Berlin (check last post). I also would like to share a lil progress video of me painting the board (scroll down). Please make sure to also check out my friend Kamil´s documentation of the show who organized the whole thing. Pic of me by Kamil.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]News: I will take part in a little skateboard group show this friday May 5th. It will take place in the bar "Das Gift" in Berlin-Neukölln until May 7th. See attached flyer done by Silvia Guizan. I am still working on the skateboard and hope it will turn out the way I want to. I will film the process and make a little video after the exhibition.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I have neglected this blog and I don't have an excuse and I don't feel bad :D. It does not mean I didn't do anything. On the contrary, the last few days I worked fiercly. I believe it's better you follow me on Instagram because I update there way more.

A few weeks ago a friend asked me if I wanted to join an art project. It's a project by Barak Rom from Israel who builds special longboards for artists to paint. He came to visit Berlin and we (+ 6 other artist)  met in the bar without a name in Neukölln. Each of us got a different design to put our

Latest iPad scribble.  Does s(he) look like a Bob? Can't think of a better name. Hate thinking of names for my stuff. Do you have a suggestion?

Here are the  most recent chaotic scribbles which I created during the last few days. I don't find the time to work on my bigger projects right now (God Damnit) so I do the little I can do while watching an Orange is the New Black episode before bedtime. These kind of drawings I have been doing for years and always pour out of my head without deeper thinking or concept. Just filling the paper. Ejaculations of an unconscious mind.

Deep Ocean#2 The giant amphipod you see here is called CystisomaThey have been found at depths of 500m - 800m and can get to 12 cm long. The body is mostly transparent, to hide from predators. Transparency is one big advantage at a depth where there are no good hiding places. The big red oval thing is the stomach and the big layer of "meshed" red stuff in the forehead are the eyes. Well it's actually just one big eye which looks mostly straight upwards. It is so big so it can suck in as much of the little light as possible. 30052015-amphipod-basedon

Deep Ocean#1 I felt inspired watching BBC's Blue Planet and was particularly fond of episode 2 "The Deep". It is quite interesting to learn about the different camouflage tricks and how to unmask them in the dark. I enjoyed diving into places where animals produce their own glowing lights in almost transparent bodies and in general appear like coming from science fiction movies that have not yet been made. Here is a sea cucumber. I think this one is called Enypniastes. I used polychromos on black paper. I took screenshots from the documentary as a reference. 17052015-ocean-seacucumber-1

Late as usual, my Easter 2015 entry; the once a year-painting-eggs-weekend at my family's place (on the beautiful countryside). Everyone who is visiting is asked to paint an egg or bring a painted one that can be added to the collection. This "event" is accompanied by a glas of wine, audiobooks/music, "Tatort", conversations. This year my eggs were inspired by Alebrije art (less or more). I have to admit I ruined all the brushes. You know.....blame them DETAILS.

Dinosaur time! Using crayons on black paper is more fun than drawing on white paper (for me at least). The drawing process feels easy, quick and everything just looks alright. In brief, I would say it's hard to produce complete shit. Try it yourself maybe (also good for birthday cards and stuff. crayon dino 2

Hi you! Welcome to 2015, I hope you are well. I have not done anything new this January but here is a set of rooster linoprints I did a few weeks back. A black and a red version. Size: A5 (148mm x 210mm). I (currently) sell them separately on my Etsy although I think they look best together.  ;) framed prints

I haven't used charcoal in years. I was excited to try it again (until I tried it again). I still don't understand why it cost me such frustration. I expected no biggie. I even thought drawing with it would come naturally, that I got the charcoal spirit. However, instead I spent three evenings cursing. Nothing went how I pictured it. You probably know this feeling when you look at you work in progress and it becomes crystal clear it's all shit and can't be rescued? Exactly! I mean "hey", I did try again and once more and again but

Hey everyone. I made a new set of linocuts. Fuck yeah! 3 Friendly birds (actually one is rather grumpy). It's Bob, Bill and Berta but you can give them other names. It´s the first time I went from a digital iPad sketch to paper:

I have been listening to a few Daniel Suarez audio books and thought of my unfinished surveillance sketch that had been lying around  for a few month. So I fetched it out of my drawer for some fine-tuning and here it is. Later tonight I'd like to start drawing some more fishes. Blubb.