Cranes Drawing

I have neglected this blog and I don’t have an excuse and I don’t feel bad :D. It does not mean I didn’t do anything. On the contrary, the last few days I worked fiercly. I believe it’s better you follow me on Instagram because I update there way more.

I finally finished my cranes. Were working on it on and off for month. I also attached a little process video below.



A bit longer progress vid of the crane #drawing #illustration

Ein von Bec (@ejaculesc) gepostetes Video am

The crane is now also available as a print on my Society6 along with other products. :)

I also finished another linocut and have 2 more in the pipeline. Might do another blog entry on those when the cat series is done.

I currently trying something new as well. Twitch Creative. This means I am now live streaming some of my art (drawing, or linocut or whatever) over there once a week (at least I am trying to). Stop by if you are interested and say “hi” in chat. :)