rebexi profile

Illustrator, print maker and designer from Berlin

Actually I am full time graphic designer and do all the personal art in my free time. If you check my portfolio you can see that I explore multiple styles. On one hand I am very detailed, somewhat realistic in my work (or very abstract) on the other hand I love to do more simple, childlike & bold illustrations. Sometimes also the medium requires a different approach.

On this website you see a lot of drawings I did digitally in Procreate app on my iPad. I balance it out by also doing a lot unique handmade pieces such as linoprints, and foil prints as well as original artworks such as original illustrations done with acryl markers.

You can check those in my Etsy shop (International)  and Kasuwa shop (Germany only). You can follow everything best on my Instagram Instagram, where I update frequently.

I don´t do usually any custom works atm but if you have any feedback & question please write to me.

mail: bexi @