Painting my TV is in the making. It´s already primed and sits on my kitchen table waiting to be pimped. In the meantime I took care of the journals. The little one I use to store polaroid negatives on the go. It´s full of  pages covered in dried chemicals between a few pages of lousy sketches and random thoughts. The big one has been lying in my drawer for two years. I still don´t know what the heck I could use it for. Maybe to collect awesome muffin recipes? But I don´t love muffins. I don´t even have baking dishes.

First part. Priming the parts I want to paint. In this blank state I left them to nap on the table for a few days. The sight calmed me down and I almost thought that maybe it´s already perfect like this.

My drawing pens usually lie all over the place and often when I grab one nearby it´s  dried out. Don´t we hate that.  So I cleaned up a bit and thought about getting some pen stands as well. I´ve already painted a couple of toilet rolls which should do the trick. I am a little clumsy when it comes to handicrafts but as long as I only have to glue 2 pieces together: I can do it!

One time a boy came up to me and wanted to see the picture I had just taken of a horse. I told him that this is not a digital camera and that we would have to wait some days in super suspense for the film to be developed. He gave me a disappointed shrug and a "that sucks!". I  have taken a deeper interest in analog photography for a while now. It all began when I wanted to give cleaning-up-my computer a serious try. From over a 1000 photographs that I had taken over the years I have never printed out a  single picture (shocking). So I thought one rainy day "I got a minute" and surfed thru gigabytes of digital photos, spending hours deleting,  re-naming  and  grouping. It was damn overwhelming. Eventually I made a collection of my favourites which I promised myself to make pretty prints of. Of course I never found the time and when my hard drive died the matter was out of the world anyway ( I used to be lazy with backups).

Some have asked me why I have chosen the name "ejaculesc" for my website, which I have even troubles to pronounce when people ask me for the URL. Not to mention all the spam comments I have to disapprove.  I feel this painting is a good answer. I recently found it when I  visited my dad over the weekend. I painted it about 5 years ago.  It was a nice suprise because I have somewhat forgotten about it´s existence. But I remember it was one of first paintings I had done after a very long break of not touching a brush or a pen.  It´s also interesting to see how I was using these organic elements already back then, even much stronger than in my current works. But most of all I am glad I still like what I did.

Even though I am not the biggest arthropods fanboy when it comes to body contact (except maybe butterflies and coccinellidaes),  I really like to draw them. There is so much beauty  in their alien architecture. The stag beetle ("Hirschkäfer" in German) was chosen insect of the year 2012 over here, also because they are in  danger of becoming extinct in Germany. So yeah, that´s why  I made this bag.

I like the smell of linol. It´s nice. But I always have to vaccum my room afterwards and shake my clothes clean. This stuff ends up everywhere. The cutting  starts to become a pain in the neck. It´s almost impossible for me to keep a correct (body) posture during this process. Have to do more breaks and relax my muscles.

This one took pretty long to cut. Not only because 2 colors mean I have to cut 2 different lino sheets but also because I had to get rid of so much background. The sheet on the left for the red color.

This is my first linocut.  I did a couple of more since but will post those later. I am still in super practicing mode but what I like about this whole thing so far:

  • It´s not too hard to do
  • A printmaking techique I can easily do at home
  • Handwork
  • I have original prints and everyone is a little different from the one before.
  • Easy clean up with waterbased colors
  • I enjoy the cutting (even if it takes hours).
  • Experimental value
  • To work with one or just a minimum of colors

When I  painted my iPhone case with acrylics I wasn´t sure how long the paint would actually last since it´s an object that is in daily use.  So far everything seems good.  The phone already fell down and no scratch,

So I tried getting a little 3D effect and drew on different layers. I searched very long on the web for a fitting square frame in that size and the needed depth. Found it at IKEA in the end.

I really like to get handmade presents myself so that´s why I make them for others. Whether they like it or not. Ha. This was an B-Day present for Edda. Acrylics on matchbox, 2 magnets, card and box.

So I am setting up this new  homepage for my drawings, illustrations and painted objects. It will probably still take a while until everything is uploaded.