Lost and found

Some have asked me why I have chosen the name “ejaculesc” for my website, which I have even troubles to pronounce when people ask me for the URL. Not to mention all the spam comments I have to disapprove.  I feel this painting is a good answer.

I recently found it when I  visited my dad over the weekend. I painted it about 5 years ago.  It was a nice suprise because I have somewhat forgotten about it´s existence. But I remember it was one of first paintings I had done after a very long break of not touching a brush or a pen.  It´s also interesting to see how I was using these organic elements already back then, even much stronger than in my current works. But most of all I am glad I still like what I did.

When it comes to my abstract “ejaculations” I don´t usually have any idea what I am going to do. I just decide for a set of colors and put the brush on the paper (canvas in this case) and let it go where my intuition goes. When I see certain forms or figures on the way I follow them. I forget about time and the world´s and my own problems and enjoy the escape.

abstract and organic painting