Some have asked me why I have chosen the name "ejaculesc" for my website, which I have even troubles to pronounce when people ask me for the URL. Not to mention all the spam comments I have to disapprove.  I feel this painting is a good answer. I recently found it when I  visited my dad over the weekend. I painted it about 5 years ago.  It was a nice suprise because I have somewhat forgotten about it´s existence. But I remember it was one of first paintings I had done after a very long break of not touching a brush or a pen.  It´s also interesting to see how I was using these organic elements already back then, even much stronger than in my current works. But most of all I am glad I still like what I did.

Even though I am not the biggest arthropods fanboy when it comes to body contact (except maybe butterflies and coccinellidaes),  I really like to draw them. There is so much beauty  in their alien architecture. The stag beetle ("Hirschkäfer" in German) was chosen insect of the year 2012 over here, also because they are in  danger of becoming extinct in Germany. So yeah, that´s why  I made this bag.