I wasted all my post-its on black scribbles. Here they are. I was into dots this time (pretty good if you are looking for a more meditational drawing experience).  What else? Random #1: I finally bought more RAM! I am planning to install it myself ...*fingers crossed*. Random #2: What made me super smile this week: my friend bought one of my linocuts (the actual cut) as well as the corresponding print. *throws muffins in joy*

Some have asked me why I have chosen the name "ejaculesc" for my website, which I have even troubles to pronounce when people ask me for the URL. Not to mention all the spam comments I have to disapprove.  I feel this painting is a good answer. I recently found it when I  visited my dad over the weekend. I painted it about 5 years ago.  It was a nice suprise because I have somewhat forgotten about it´s existence. But I remember it was one of first paintings I had done after a very long break of not touching a brush or a pen.  It´s also interesting to see how I was using these organic elements already back then, even much stronger than in my current works. But most of all I am glad I still like what I did.