post-it scribbles preview

Post-it Scribbles

I wasted all my post-its on black scribbles. Here they are. I was into dots this time (pretty good if you are looking for a more meditational drawing experience).  What else? Random #1: I finally bought more RAM! I am planning to install it myself …*fingers crossed*. Random #2: What made me super smile this week: my friend bought one of my linocuts (the actual cut) as well as the corresponding print. *throws muffins in joy* post-it scribble post-it scribblepost-it scribbles

Random #3: I think I will be a couch vegetable tonight and just watch Bob Ross videos. Does anyone know a good Bob parody by the way? And I don´t mean the top results on YouTube, which I thought were a bit average.

Ciao everyone! Thanks for looking. Be a happy cloud (or tree) and always follow your angles.