I have been listening to a few Daniel Suarez audio books and thought of my unfinished surveillance sketch that had been lying around  for a few month. So I fetched it out of my drawer for some fine-tuning and here it is. Later tonight I'd like to start drawing some more fishes. Blubb.

I wasted all my post-its on black scribbles. Here they are. I was into dots this time (pretty good if you are looking for a more meditational drawing experience).  What else? Random #1: I finally bought more RAM! I am planning to install it myself ...*fingers crossed*. Random #2: What made me super smile this week: my friend bought one of my linocuts (the actual cut) as well as the corresponding print. *throws muffins in joy*

A few people have recommended the danish series "The Killing". So I bought the first season. Detective Sarah Lund is really chewing a lot of gum! Though totally unrelated to the show, the following sketches were all done through episode 1-6. These neon colors do not scan very well, so just phone pics:

Bought more notebooks for my scribbles. The following ones were done while watching Homeland. I have never been into Claire Danes but the role suits her. Unrelated news: I now own a juice extractor and ♥ing it.

I successfully finished my first module (HTML/CSS). Wohoo. It was a good time, I liked my fellow students and learned a lot. Considering that my class notes were looking like this, who would have thought? I haven't done any personal drawings for a bit (life is busy), so the following chaotic scribbles are all I can offer at the moment.

Occasionally I get my sketchbook out and draw either loveless and chaotic things or something a bit more thoughtful. Not necessarily to pursue any ideas but to beat impatience when the movie I am watching bores me. I feel good about most of the drawings/scribbles while others should probably be thrown into a bonfire. I am going to post a few but will leave the really ugly ones out. Sorry. ; )