My website’ name changes to Rebexi

Just a quick update: “Ejaculesc” has been my website´s name for years. Today is time to say good bye and change to something that suits me a little better. I feel with “Rebexi” I am more a real person behind my website and my art. It also contains my nickname and hints to my first name.

This means I have to change also all my social media channel etc. It could very well be that you will encounter broken links. If that happens please let me know. I am still in the process of changing.
I did a 301 redirect so if you have still saved old links they should hopefully redirect to the new domain.
Many images have still my old watermark but I am not gonna change those.

I hope I can do a few content posts in the near future ( I am mostly posting to Instagram nowadays).

Cheers, have a wonderful week.