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I pretty much only post to Instagram nowadays. Find me:  @Rebexi_Art

Crazy, I haven´t updated this blog in over a year! Which does not mean I don´t draw anymore. I do!
Maybe there are a few people who still check my website and are wondering about all the tumbleweed blowing around, but there are updates!
They are just being uploaded to my Instagram instead.

The reasons are:

  • specially now that I started to also draw on the iPad (it´s so good!)
  • I am better connected with friends, artists and followers. More interaction and feedback. Well, definitely more than on this website.
  • Wider reach, easier to be found, follower get the updates right in their feed (you can´t expect peeps to use RSS anymore or hope they accidentally end up on your website)
  • It´s more fun. With this blog I have the feeling I am just talking to myself.

Of course I will keep the website because who knows how Social Media will evolve and what Instagram will become, but for now, I prefer it as my portfolio.
I might write a blog entry every now and then, if I want to share longer thoughts, like today ( I am sick and thus didn´t have much else to do).

So, if you are on Instagram you can follow me @Rebexi_Art! :)