Wanted to try out pyrography for quite some time but didn’t have time. Recently I was surprised to face a whole free Saturday and thought “Let´s buy a wood burner, now or never!”. I jumped my bike, raced to the next big DIY supply store, got told that “We don´t have any” and rode back home slightly pissed.

I got one from eBay and I few days later I made my first strokes. :P




The wood burner set came with different tips for drawing and shadings and I haven´t even tried all of them yet. The drawing process (depending on the tip) doesn’t go as smoothly as I hoped it would. It’s a bit slow. I wonder if you need special awesome wood to get quicker results or if this wood burner (rather cheap) is not optimal?  Another possibility could be that I am doing it wrong, but…nah..can’t be me.  ;)

I spent the next evenings burning while watching the last “Damages” episodes (Oh Glenn Close, you play it so well). woodburning_camera3woodburning_camera2woodburning_round1woodburning_bird



^^These guys I took from my sketches.

Apparently one can also use leather but when I tried that the smell was super “ewwwww”. Mh, I don’t know if I am loving pyrography so far, can’t tell if it suits me. Glad I finally tried it out though.