Charcoal Nevermore

I haven’t used charcoal in years. I was excited to try it again (until I tried it again).

I still don’t understand why it cost me such frustration. I expected no biggie. I even thought drawing with it would come naturally, that I got the charcoal spirit. However, instead I spent three evenings cursing. Nothing went how I pictured it. You probably know this feeling when you look at you work in progress and it becomes crystal clear it’s all shit and can’t be rescued? Exactly! I mean “hey”, I did try again and once more and again but only déjà vu. I could not see the progress, only a smeary mess that kept expanding. Au revoir, Ciao, Bye. I give up, no more fuss. I sent the charcoal to the deepest and darkest corner of my drawer. IMMEDIATE RELIEF!

These four roosters are the only ones which I thought turned out okay. That does not mean I enjoyed doing it. Torture only.


Here I was already giving up. MAD.

charcoal animals

And here the charcoal fuck it GIF:


That’s all. Have a Merry Christmas! :)