I haven't used charcoal in years. I was excited to try it again (until I tried it again). I still don't understand why it cost me such frustration. I expected no biggie. I even thought drawing with it would come naturally, that I got the charcoal spirit. However, instead I spent three evenings cursing. Nothing went how I pictured it. You probably know this feeling when you look at you work in progress and it becomes crystal clear it's all shit and can't be rescued? Exactly! I mean "hey", I did try again and once more and again but

My friend Kamil and I exhibited some of our illustrations in the bar "Das Gift" last week. They have a little room for art shows in the back. I showed some of my animal studies and Kamil his iPad sketches on canvas. So we had a nice combination of analog and digital work. It was my first "real" exhibition. Exciting! In the beginning I was a bit nervous about it though. I have some kind of stage fright when it comes to presenting my own artwork. Anyhow, I am very happy we did this.

One time a boy came up to me and wanted to see the picture I had just taken of a horse. I told him that this is not a digital camera and that we would have to wait some days in super suspense for the film to be developed. He gave me a disappointed shrug and a "that sucks!". I  have taken a deeper interest in analog photography for a while now. It all began when I wanted to give cleaning-up-my computer a serious try. From over a 1000 photographs that I had taken over the years I have never printed out a  single picture (shocking). So I thought one rainy day "I got a minute" and surfed thru gigabytes of digital photos, spending hours deleting,  re-naming  and  grouping. It was damn overwhelming. Eventually I made a collection of my favourites which I promised myself to make pretty prints of. Of course I never found the time and when my hard drive died the matter was out of the world anyway ( I used to be lazy with backups).

So I am setting up this new  homepage for my drawings, illustrations and painted objects. It will probably still take a while until everything is uploaded.