linocut #5

My mom loved them. Elephants. She had one tattooed on her lower back. I was with her when she got it and remember her long blonde hair. That´s pretty much all I saw because her head was bend over the whole session, probably concentrating or biting her lips. That was 13 years ago and I thought of this when scribbling the elephant a few days ago.

Maybe it would have looked better if I had corrected tipsy lines, improved the typo and exchanged the second line with something more creative but at last I just used the draft.


The image needs to be cut mirrored. I usually draw animals with their heads turned to the left side. My brain gets confused otherwise. So cutting the linoleum this way still feels odd.


I failed printing the second color sheet perfect over the first one. I think none of the 10 prints have the 2 red dots on the right spot.

Outch, first time I cut myself . You have to use a good amount of  pressure to work the tools and they do slip away easily. It´s  important to cut away from your body at all times.

The scanned linoprint: